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The NDRC announced the catalogue of key emerging industries, key products and services, covering Beidou and satellite applications

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The day before, for the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" national strategic emerging industry development plan ", the national development and Reform Commission announced a" strategic emerging industries focus on products and services to the "catalogue for the guidance of the 2016 edition, the 8 industry directory involving strategic emerging industries in 5 major areas, which contains the relevant content and application of Beidou satellite.

And aerospace and satellite applications related content, mainly distributed in the new generation of information technology industry and high-end equipment manufacturing industry in two categories. It involves network equipment, information terminal equipment, network operation service, Internet of things and so on.

Satellite and application industry as a high-end equipment manufacturing industry in one direction, was the 2016 edition of "directory" key mention:
Satellite and application industry

1. space infrastructure
Spacecraft systems (including all types of application satellites), advanced satellite platforms and payloads, advanced satellite systems division, component products. Carrier rocket, rocket engine, advanced launch vehicle assembly. Spacecraft TT & C ground station and mobile measurement and control equipment. Independent data source high speed switched satellite remote sensing receiving system based on satellite remote sensing data processing and storage system based on grid architecture, satellite remote sensing data service oriented distributed system, remote sensing satellite ground calibration system and enhance system. Ground truth test of remote sensing satellite, field network and laboratory simulation test facilities and integrated testing and evaluation system. Satellite communication uplink station and gateway station. Navigation satellite ground monitoring station, navigation signal augmentation system, etc..

2. satellite communication application system
Communication satellite user terminals, portable multimedia terminal and the use of new technology for satellite communication (new protocol) cost-effective ground communication system, low orbit satellite application data acquisition terminal, emergency disaster reduction satellite communication system, broadband / HF / laser satellite communication application system. Live service and fixed satellite services, mobile satellite communications, satellite TV (satellite digital audio broadcasting) and broadband Internet access and other four business ground terminal equipment and key related accessories. Mobile satellite communication equipment. Satellite search and rescue system ground station (MEOLUT) and user beacon. Digital content delivery service and world wide information network service based on satellite live broadcast technology. Chip products and antenna products adapted to satellite communication application system.

3. satellite navigation application service system
Multimode satellite navigation enhanced application service system (including continuous observation network, real-time communication network, data processing center and public service platform), the navigation information industry application (application, with various departments and areas such as high precision deformation monitoring, traffic safety, emergency services, etc.) compatible Beidou multimode satellite navigation chip, mobile personal information terminal based on SOC chip, RNSS timing receiver, integrated service system of location information and application services (with terminal based on wireless communication network of global navigation satellite system technology and indoor positioning technology), with navigation, communications, audio-visual and other functions of the vehicle, ship information system, personal navigation information terminal compatible satellite navigation the receiver chip and the embedded software of satellite navigation, meteorological wind terminal, BD-2 high navigation based on reality Electronic map。 Satellite navigation, high-precision land application platform, accurate time service equipment, satellite navigation product testing equipment, satellite navigation application system integration products, etc..

4. satellite remote sensing application system
Satellite remote sensing system integrated application platform, remote sensing data standard products, remote sensing data value-added products. Application of satellite remote sensing in land surveying and monitoring, meteorological observation and investigation of the resources of city planning, service, management and monitoring, transportation, forestry and water conservancy monitoring, geological exploration, marine monitoring, earthquake monitoring, environmental protection, disaster prevention and mitigation, earth system science and digital earth and other fields, the satellite remote sensing regional city spatial information application system service. Remote sensing applications, support databases, software, remote sensing tests, observations, key equipment and instruments, digital integrated application (3S+C) terminals. Aerial remote sensing application system.

5. comprehensive application system of satellite technology
Remote sensing, satellite communications, satellite navigation and integrated information service platform, multi scale data management information system, business and standardization of information terminal, the application system of key industries, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, marine resources city management, environmental protection, disaster prevention, emergency rescue and other fields of petrochemical, energy, based on the position information network, broadband network and high resolution remote sensing data service business consumer products terminal, wearable electronic equipment and other products.