Kaiyuan vision
  Become the world's most trusted precision agriculture, GPS product manufacturing and operators

Enterprise mission
  Committed to providing global customers with a comprehensive, multi field GPS high precision navigation and positioning system, high-quality products and intimate service

Enterprise tenet
  Create value for customers, create pillars for agriculture, create happiness for employees, and create wealth for society

Core values
  Excellent innovation and win-win

  Excellence: climbing beyond

  Play: do your duty

  Innovation: changing with each passing day

  To celebrate a win-win situation:

Enterprise spirit
  With a consistent master mentality, the Kaiyuan people forged a new spirit of high responsibility and strong executive power, casting out the unique core competencies of the people of Kaiyuan and the outstanding quality of the pursuit of excellence.

  Loyal and trustworthy, heavy gratitude
  Dare to take on, do your duty
  Disciplined and efficient implementation
  The danger, continued steady progress
  Self introspection, integrity
Sense of worth
  Customer: to create value for customers is the foundation of enterprise survival.
  Principle: quality is essential, reputation is the lifeblood.
  Responsibility: all consequences are mine.
  Results: all results oriented, no achievements is zero
  Team: corporate interest is above everything else
  Thanksgiving: with thanksgiving heart of life, with quality to win dignity.